God Can Make Anything Beautiful

Hello again friends,

It’s been a while! But I’m so thankful that you stopped by to read the words I found on my heart this week. They’re pretty simple. But that hold so much truth…

“God can make anything beautiful.”

Do you believe that?

So often we find ourselves looking at a tragic event/situation in our lives and making the decision that it can never get better.

“God can’t fix this. It’s too awful.” – Or – “I’m too sad. This isn’t what I wanted for my life.”

Yes, I know how that feels. January 11, 2016, I remember looking at my childhood best friend the night before I buried my late husband and saying, “Holly, I don’t want this to be my life.” To which she responded, “Helen, I’m so sorry.” That’s all she could say. Why? Because there’s nothing we can do on our own to make devastating situations better. If we only depend on ourselves then, from where we sit, life may never be beautiful again…or at best, it will take a very long time for it to be so.

However! With God, all things can be beautiful in its time (Ecclesiastes 3). And the best part is, He uses us – His children – to help make this life beautiful again for ourselves and others!

I could leave it at that because the Word of God speaks for itself…but to help give some perspective, I wanted to tell you about a story that touched my heart and reminded me that God is a Good Father, and He can make any devastating situation beautiful.

While living in Ethiopia, a woman named Dyan began to create relationships with the women living in her area. These women and their families seemed destined for poverty their entire lives. Dyan’s heart broke for the lifestyle these women had to live. However, rather than allow the vast amount of poverty cause her to doubt that things could ever change, she chose to believe that God could use loving people to make a difference. Instead of turning her eyes and asking God why could He allow this to happen to such good people, she saw the beauty in the dedication and hard work of the women around her. Instead of getting angry that people in America weren’t doing anything to help, she chose to see how a beautiful partnership could be made between the artisans in front of her and American people who might want to do something but didn’t know how. This is how Karama was born. An organization that helps artisans use their creativity and natural entrepreneurship to make and sell beautiful items of true value. Karama believes in “dignity for everyone…and that much of that dignity comes through creative, purposeful work. Karama is all about creativity and dignity and purpose and women and JOY, but it began with heartache.” (About, karamacollection.com) Dyan, and her organization, Karama, became partners with “African artisans who create beautiful, quality products and volunteers who sell those products and share the stories of the artisans.” (About, karamacollection.com)

Now, due to this organization, there are women [such as Haimanot, Yeshi, Rute, and Andinet – read their stories in the Artisans section of the Karama website] and men who have the knowledge, tools, and ability to provide for their families with dignity. And it all came from a decision to not focus on the sadness of a situation, but a choice to trust that God can provide hope in tragedy. Because Karama believes in the abilities of these people and the God they serve, beauty is truly coming out of what could have stayed a devastating situation.

One lesson I learned from the story of Karama, is that while God can make everything beautiful, it is still our job to use the hands God gave us to help. God can do anything, but I believe He uses us to get things done. And if you’ve ever struggled with a sense of purpose, there’s nothing more purposeful than helping make the world a better place for others. Not just for ourselves.

Shifting our perspective from our sorrows, to seeing the life of people who could use our helping hands, is one way we can begin to pull yourself out of the ditch the enemy wants to keep us in. Whatever you’re facing, know that God can help you if you choose to believe that He can make any tragedy into something good. When you begin to doubt that. Remember the story of Karama and the beautiful picture of renewed hope and purpose God has created through people wanting to help others.

God can make your path beautiful again my friend, even if it’s not the path you wanted…He will take care of you. Loving God is a choice. Trusting Him is a choice. But as someone who has faced and walked through her worst fear of losing her husband, believe me when I say, “Choose to trust Him and His plan for you.”

Love you all friends. Prayers are being sent your way today and always.

Love in Christ,
Helen Elizabeth

{:: >>—P.S.—>> My friend Sarah Scott Paps and I found out about Karama at the She Speaks Conference this past July. After finding out more about the organization, we fell in love with their story and desired to do whatever we could to help! Therefore, after some discussion as to the best way to do this, we decided to do a giveaway starting Oct. 1, 2017 [today] and ending on Oct. 6, 2017 [Friday]! We will be giving away one handmade genuine leather bag and wristlet as a set! Check out Sarah Scott Pape’s and my Instagram to figure out how to enter! – AND – go to karamacollection.com to read about the artisans from Ethiopia and Haiti who make the bags you’ll receive. Karama is so amazing because they are a fair trade organization, meaning that the women and men creating the products receive full payment, and the individuals helping to get the artisans’ handmade products into your hands are volunteers. Read more about the artisans creating Karama’s amazing products on Karama’s “Artisans” page. Believe me, once you do, you’ll want to help this organization as much as we do. ::}

4 thoughts on “God Can Make Anything Beautiful

  1. Jacque Breazeal says:

    I am so glad to read this post. You have encouraged me to be an encourager. God will always shine a light on the path we’re on. I often get overwhelmed at the hardness of others but my love for Christ shows me to care for their heart. We so often hear the phrase Life Is Hard, which is true, but Christ is our hope, peace and joy to make beauty from ashes. For a few years I’ve repeated to myself, be strong and courageous, lately I’ve thought of beauty from ashes. How wonderful that is. But HOPE is my favorite word. My hope comes from the Lord who makes the heavens and earth. Psalms 121. Thank you for sharing your light and love of Christ!


  2. LW says:

    Helen, I so appreciate reading every blog post you write. I am curious to know about what your grieving process has been like. You seemed to have coped with it all pretty well, from what you write, and perhaps that was with the grace of God, but I feel like it would be really helpful for people like me who are hurting from grief; I did not become a widow, but I lost a 12 year relationship almost two years ago, and it has been devastating. The last three or four years of this relationship I turned much more toward God, and I do see myself growing and healing now–but I feel like my wisdom in God is not yet as mature as yours seems to be. I am still sad, but it’s not such a raw, unbearable, drowning pain anymore. I still find myself overwhelmed, and downright despaired though when I read this quote from your blog, “God can make your path beautiful again my friend, even if it’s not the path you wanted…He will take care of you.” I just feel so much despair when I know how badly I *did* want this relationship to last forever, and now I feel as though I’ve lost everything.

    I appreciate your words. I ugly-cried in an earlier blog post when you first talked about telling your friend, “I don’t want this to be my life.” I’ve felt that, and sometimes still do. And sometimes it scares me because I realize at times I’m starting to feel indifference toward this person, and that’s terrifying to me, because I don’t want this to be over (even though I know it is).


    • Helen Elizabeth says:

      That would probably be a good post for many people! Unfortunately, I think I’m going to have to leave most of those feelings for my book and then later post about them 🙂 But I do want to encourage you today and say I’m so sorry. I’m truly sorry that you have also experienced losing someone, and neither one of us can change the path that is ahead of us. My heart truly hurts for you friend. I’m there with you. And I wish I could reach out a hand and comfort you.
      Honestly, the only advice I can give at the moment is to tell you to try to see the good things in the day, no matter how small they might be. Whether it’s that it took you less time to get to work than expected, or someone went out of their way to open a door for you. Try to see the positive. And if you can’t see a whole lot of positive, maybe try to be the positive light you want to see. Encourage and give a helping hand to others. I also think it helped me to make myself get up and be active, like going for a walk. Maybe try to make yourself do something active that you enjoy! Idk. I’ve just found that I feel comfort from God when I choose to see the small blessings of my everyday life, and when I choose not to focus on myself, but on other people’s needs. In my humble opinion, loving God is a choice. And we just have to accept loving His plan more than ours. And while it may not get better today, day by day it will get better. I promise sweet friend!


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