Ep. 11: Dealing with Disappointment

Hello, Friends!

Your Best New Self Podcast is back! I couldn’t be more excited to publishing new episodes every week!

This weeks episode has to do with holding on to disappointment. We’ve all been there, right? Well, today, we’ll discuss how we can overcome our disappointment in a positive way by reframing our perspective! You can follow the link below to listen, or you can listen on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, etc.

Praying, as always, that my words speak to your heart!

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth


Your Best New Self Ministries 21 Day Challenge

Hello, Best New Self “Besties”!

We are officially kicking off “Your Best New Self 21 Day Challenge” this Monday, August 5th, with a “day of intention” in which we’ll sort of map out the next 21 days! I’ll be posting a picture on Instagram tomorrow as well, which will discuss everything in detail! In the mean time, make sure to download the printable 21 Day Challenge PDF below and begin looking over the first page!

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Ep. 9: Check Yo’Self Before You Wreck Yo’Self (Live)

Ep. 9: Check Yo’Self Before You Wreck Yo’Self (Live)
Your Best New Self with Helen Elizabeth

Hi, Friends!

Do your emotions sometimes get the best of you? Do you struggle with how to gain control again? Yeah, I’ve been there too…a lot. Today, we’ll discuss a method I believe can help us manage our emotions in a healthy, God-centered way!

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Ep. 8: Finding Hope in the Sadness (Live)

“Ep. 8: Finding Hope in the Sadness”
Your Best New Self with Helen Elizabeth

Being able to both control our emotions and take our thoughts captive is not an easy task to say the least. In this episode, we’ll continue our walk through Ecclesiastes (in Ecc. 3) as we discuss how we can find hope when we feel overwhelmed by sadness. This episode is an IG Live recording and is the second of a four-part Bible Study Series focusing on managing our emotions in a healthy, God-centered way.

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Ep. 5: The Importance of Loving Others (Live)

Hello, Best New Self “Besties”!

Today’s episode is the last of a three part Instagram (IG) Live Bible Study series I’ve been doing on Galatians! I have absolutely loved going through God’s Word with you, and hopefully making it applicable to your daily life! If you’ve never participated in one of my “Best New Self” IG Live Bible Studies before, and would like to watch it live, please feel free to follow me on Instagram (@helenelizabethspeaks) and just click on my IG story the first Wednesday of every month at 12 pm cst.

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