Actionable Tips that Help Boost Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is an ever changing part of life. It requires a lot of introspection and self-love, trying new things that might make us a little nervous, but ultimately coming to terms with who we are and who we want to be. When we start taking action steps towards becoming our best new self, we also inevitably start seeing a boost in our self-confidence.

So, today, I wanted compile a list of just few steps we can take to help us on our journey towards becoming a better version of ourselves, and ultimately boosting our self-confidence along the way.

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Making Use of Your Spare Time in a Self-Supporting Manner

When we have free time on our hands, we have millions of different options to choose from. We could start reading a new bestseller that has seemingly been on everyone’s lips for the last few weeks. We might decide to simply sit and binge watch our favorite TV shows all day. We might decide to research recipes or take care of our household matters. We might decide to start planning this year’s summer vacation…the list could go on.

If I’m honest, I typically don’t know what to do with my free time, so I get bored and then annoyed and anxious that I can’t figure out what to do. I want to do something, but I don’t want to do anything that would require too much effort. I think this is why so many of us sit and look at our phones so much.

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How Faith Can Improve Your Life

If you’ve followed me for a while, or read my blog at all, then you know how I feel about the role faith has played in bettering my life. However, I didn’t always see it that way. I had to experience many hardships and a lot of heartache before I realized the importance of my faith.

If you found this blog in the search for answers about spiritual conviction and/or whether or not having faith can really make your life better, then I encourage you to continue reading. I, of course, believe that faith in God will undoubtedly make your life better; but rather than just tell you so, I’ve compiled a list of a few ways it has improved mine so that you can read and decide for yourself.

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The Three A’s of Beauty

Beauty is multi-faceted. For some, it’s what they see on the surface, and for others, it’s what radiates from their heart. For me, I can honestly appreciate both, but view the heart as being our true source of beauty. Honestly, there are many things that allow us to feel and look best, but for today, here are 3 things we might take into consideration.

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5 Things to Avoid When Stressed

The other day, my husband and I were discussing how difficult it is to manage stress in a healthy way. We went on to share some of the bad habits we’d fallen into when dealing with high-stress situations. After this discussion, I decided to do a little research on the topic of stress. I found that there were many articles discussing the management of stress [which I know is incredibly important since stress is one of the most common health ailments], but not necessarily that much attention given to what we should avoid.

After researching a little more and spending some time reflecting on some of my more stressful moments, I decided to put together a short list of things we should avoid when we’re stressed. In doing so, my hope is to help you and I manage our stress in a much healthier way…

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