Pageant Beauty Tips

I remember back when I was around 6th or 7th grade, and I was so excited to start learning about beauty routines. My mom first taught me about skin care regimens, and then a little late I started learning about hair and make-up. I remember both were really challenging for me, and I definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way [which I’ll spare you from seeing the pictures of]. Later in life I decided to start competing in pageants, just for fun. My sorority nominated me for our college pageant and I ended up doing pretty well. If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know that I eventually went on to compete and earn the title of Miss Arkansas USA 2014. Along the way to reaching the Miss USA stage, however, I had to learn a few tips and tricks to help me present the best me possible.

Before I go any further, however, I want to say a few thing if you’re just getting into pageants… First of all, remember that you’re worth is not determined by anyone but God’s opinion. No matter what a judge might say, or how another girl might look, you are beautiful and made perfectly by our Father in Heaven. So when going into pageants know that you’re not competing against other girls, you are quite literally just trying to present the best version of yourself imaginable. So do what makes you feel confident, and meet as many friends as you can along the way.

Alright, here’s some answers to a few things you may be wondering about! Good Luck!

Tattoo Removal

Are tattoos a no go for pageants? Well, yes and no. There have been girls who have had tattoos who have won pageants, one that comes to mind is a girl who had previously been in the army was competing at Miss America had several large tattoos. Tattoos were part of her story and had a very important meaning to her that she was proud to talk about. The times when I think tattoos might not want to be shown in a pageant are when they’re: something you’re not proud of, no longer represent who you are, distracting, offensive, not something you’d want to talk about in an interview, and/or giving off the wrong impression. If you’re not completely sure if you want your tattoo to show, you always have the option of covering it up with make-up or [on a more extreme note] removing it. It’s certainly not necessary, and I’m pretty sure it’s quite expensive, but if you’re interested in doing so, here are some Tatt2away Reviews. However, in sharing this information, I also want to say that you should only do this if you were already considering doing it before entering a pageant. If not, then just cover it up with foundation!

Hair Extensions

If you’re wondering about the necessity of hair extensions, again this is a personal preference. If you don’t need them, don’t bother with it. If, however, they would make you feel more confident, then go ahead. There are tons of options that vary in prices. Honestly, when I first competed in Miss Arkansas, I got a HORRENDOUS haircut about 2 months before the competition date. At the time, hair extensions at the hairdresser were more permanent and I had heard horror stories about girls hair breaking off. Plus I heard they were crazy expensive and I had just gotten a new dress. So…I ran over to Sally’s Beauty Supply and got the $99 clip-in ones and they worked perfectly. But, my hair was also all one color. If you go with this option and your extensions don’t match perfectly, most hair stylists are willing to dye them for you. If, however, you’re willing to spend a little more money on a more permanent option, you can always get the semi-permanent “Hot Head” ones. I got these for Miss USA and they were great. Ask your stylist about them and they’ll order/put them in for you.

*Just a quick personal opinion though…I always think it’s best to go with what looks natural. Meaning, don’t go overboard. Do what enhances your natural beauty, not what completely changes it.

Stage Make-Up

While on stage, remember that the bright stage lights are going to wash you out. So, practice heavier make-up beforehand. Pay attention to features that might fade in the bright lights, like eyebrows for example. If you have light or thin eyebrows, think about filling your eyebrows in with a good eyebrow pencil. But again, don’t go crazy! Highlight your already natural features, don’t try and change your appearance. You’re just going for an enhanced makeup style that helps you look like the real you under all the lights.

Covering Up Pimples

Pimples are probably one of the most irritating thing in the world, and unfortunately, if one pops up during pageant weekend, there’s not a whole lot you can do but try minimize the look of it. First of all, DON’T mess with it or try and pop it! Second, do your best to cover it up. Start by applying foundation. Let it dry and then apply concealer. Once dry, take some facial power and dab this over the area. Don’t stroke or rub. You should be good after that, and you can always touch up between competitions.

Getting Rid of Shine

As far as shine is concerned, I typically grab some shine control towelettes from Wal-greens. But if you find at the moment that you don’t have any, or can’t get any before the competition, then gently holding some tissue against your skin for a few seconds can help a ton! Just make sure not to press too hard and mess up your foundation. And, if needed, after using the tissue or towelette you can always put on just a little more powder in the oily areas. Just try not to put too much on so your face doesn’t look paler than the rest of your body under the lights!

Those were just a few thoughts I had today. I hope they help! If you have any questions about these or want to know about other tricks, leave me a comment below and I’ll be happy to help!

Praying for you today and always.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

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