Pageant Beauty Tips

I remember back when I was around 6th or 7th grade, and I was so excited to start learning about beauty routines. My mom first taught me about skin care regimens, and then a little late I started learning about hair and make-up. I remember both were really challenging for me, and I definitely made a lot of mistakes along the way [which I’ll spare you from seeing the pictures of]. Later in life I decided to start competing in pageants, just for fun. My sorority nominated me for our college pageant and I ended up doing pretty well. If you’ve followed me for a while now, you know that I eventually went on to compete and earn the title of Miss Arkansas USA 2014. Along the way to reaching the Miss USA stage, however, I had to learn a few tips and tricks to help me present the best me possible.

Before I go any further, however, I want to say a few thing if you’re just getting into pageants… First of all, remember that you’re worth is not determined by anyone but God’s opinion. No matter what a judge might say, or how another girl might look, you are beautiful and made perfectly by our Father in Heaven. So when going into pageants know that you’re not competing against other girls, you are quite literally just trying to present the best version of yourself imaginable. So do what makes you feel confident, and meet as many friends as you can along the way.

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