“Legalism vs. Relationship”: IG Live Bible Study

Hello, friends!

In this week’s “Your Best New Self” Instagram Live Bible Study, we discuss “Legalism vs. Relationship” as we continue our walk through Romans in Chapter 3. Last week we talked about self reflection and judging others, while this week we talk more about how we can apply the idea of self reflection to searching our hearts concerning the nature of our faith.

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Romans 2: Judging Others (Instagram Live Bible Study)

Hello, Friends!

This episode of Your Best New Self IG Live Bible Study kicks off our series in Romans, beginning in Romans 2:1-16. Right away in this chapter Paul brings up the topic of judging others; which at first, I didn’t really think was a problem of mine. However, as I thought about it, I realized I had not only been judging others, but holding on to some unchecked judgment that was causing bitterness inside my soul. In so doing, I was just as guilty as the person I was judging.

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