Having a Passive vs. Active Spirit: Romans 5 IG Live Bible Study

Hello, Friends!

How do you tend to handle suffering? Do you let the pressure of your trials stop you in your tracks? Or do you face them head on with a spirit of power?

In today’s IG Live Bible Study, we continue our walk through Romans in Romans 5. After reading verses 1-5, we discuss the two ways we can deal with trials and tribulations. We can either passively endure it and ultimately let it defeat us, or we can take on a spirit of “fortitude” and actively overcome them with the help of the Holy Spirit. I believe in doing so, we bring glory to God through our actions and allow His love to flow through us establishing a hopeful outlook. One that’s based on the truth of God’s word, verses the illusions of this world.

If you’ve ever experienced hardship in your life (which we all have), I pray that this Bible Study might be a beacon of hope for you! Praying for you today and always, friends.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

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