Ep. 5: The Importance of Loving Others (Live)

Hello, Best New Self “Besties”!

Today’s episode is the last of a three part Instagram (IG) Live Bible Study series I’ve been doing on Galatians! I have absolutely loved going through God’s Word with you, and hopefully making it applicable to your daily life! If you’ve never participated in one of my “Best New Self” IG Live Bible Studies before, and would like to watch it live, please feel free to follow me on Instagram (@helenelizabethspeaks) and just click on my IG story the first Wednesday of every month at 12 pm cst.

Over the last year I’ve been doing these studies every single week; but, sadly, I’m needing to free up some extra time to work on my book. So, starting in April (2019), I’ll only be doing IG Lives the first Wednesday of the month. I may also be changing the day after the one in April so that more people have the opportunity to watch…but for now, I’ll keep it on Wednesday!

Alright! Let’s dive right in! We’ll be discussing why loving others is truly SO important. I hope it speaks to your heart as much as it did mine!

Praying for you today and always, friends. (See Podcast Below)

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

“Ep. 5: The Importance of Loving Others (Live)
Your Best New Self Podcast with Helen Elizabeth

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