“The Messy Middle”: An Overview of Nehemiah (Video)

Hello, friends!

As some of you know, several of my Instagram followers (along with myself) are currently participating in the second round of “Your Best New Self 21 Day Challenge”! Well, today is August 14, 2019, which marks day 9 of our challenge and the first day of reading through Nehemiah!

In honor of starting Nehemiah, I decided to kick things off by inviting my dear friend, Stephanie O’Brien-Martin, to help lead a video overview of the book! In this overview, Stephanie shares her story, while also revealing to us how the book of Nehemiah can apply directly to our daily lives and can help us get through what she calls “The Messy Middle”. (See bottom of blog for video.)

To give you little background about Stephanie…she is a renowned and acclaimed life coach specializing in “purpose coaching”. She has the unique ability to connect with individuals – especially Christ-centered, trail-blazing women – see where they’re struggling, highlight their strengths and realign their life with their passions that lead to purpose! To learn more about her and what she does, you can visit her website (movedbypurpose.org) and follow her on Facebook and Instagram (@movedbypurpose)!

She has also graciously given all of you the opportunity to get a FREE COPY of her book, “The Messy Middle”! All we have to pay is shipping! To get your free copy, click here.

I can’t wait to share her story and passion with all of you! I know you’re going to love her!

If you’re participating in the “Best New Self 21 Day Challenge”, I hope you’ll watch this video before reading through Nehemiah! I know without a doubt that you will be blessed because of it!

Praying for you today and always.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

Follow Stephanie on Facebook & Instagram: @movedbypurpose

2 thoughts on ““The Messy Middle”: An Overview of Nehemiah (Video)

  1. Jesusita says:

    Hi Helen,
    I tried to purchase the book through the website and I can’t seem to get passed to put my credit card information in to finish my transaction.
    Could you please help?
    Jes! 😊


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