Reframing Identity IG Live Bible Study (Video)

Good Morning, Friends!

Not only are Your Best New Self with Helen Elizabeth Podcasts back, but so are IG Live Bible Studies!!! I’m so excited for this fall and getting everything rolling again!

In today’s IG Live Bible Study, we’re discussing how we can reframe our identity by reviewing the “Woman at the Well” in John 4. In this Bible Study we learn 3 major concepts that I hope we can take away and apply to our daily life:
1. The Woman at the Well had a pretty rough past, but she went and told the Good News of Jesus Christ regardless of what people thought of her.
2. Jesus told her to change her ways and left it at that – He did not condemn her.
3. Her past didn’t hinder her in order to be used by God. (In fact many people were saved because she was brave enough to speak up.) No matter what your past looks like friends, I believe with all my heart that God forgives us, forgets, and moves forward with a plan of how to use us. It’s then up to us to forgive ourselves and take action.

Praying for you today and always, friends!

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

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