Your Best New Self Ministries 21 Day Challenge

Hello, Best New Self “Besties”!

We are officially kicking off “Your Best New Self 21 Day Challenge” this Monday, August 5th, with a “day of intention” in which we’ll sort of map out the next 21 days! I’ll be posting a picture on Instagram tomorrow as well, which will discuss everything in detail! In the mean time, make sure to download the printable 21 Day Challenge PDF below and begin looking over the first page!

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Making 2019 Your Year of Beauty

I can’t believe it’s already March 4th. My mom was so right when she told me the older you get the faster time goes. I use to role my eyes when she said it when I was a teenager, but several years later I couldn’t agree more.

That being said, it seems like I tend to get so caught up in all the little things I have to do every week that by the end of February or March, I’ve lost total sight of my goals for the year. At the very start of 2019, I made it my goal to better myself in all aspects of my life, including self-care. So today, I wanted to reflect on a few ideas about beauty and self-care that I’ve come to embrace for making 2019 my year of beauty. Not beauty in the world’s sense of the word, but beauty by my definition. Here are a few things that I feel have helped me along the way.

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