Making 2019 Your Year of Beauty

I can’t believe it’s already March 4th. My mom was so right when she told me the older you get the faster time goes. I use to role my eyes when she said it when I was a teenager, but several years later I couldn’t agree more.

That being said, it seems like I tend to get so caught up in all the little things I have to do every week that by the end of February or March, I’ve lost total sight of my goals for the year. At the very start of 2019, I made it my goal to better myself in all aspects of my life, including self-care. So today, I wanted to reflect on a few ideas about beauty and self-care that I’ve come to embrace for making 2019 my year of beauty. Not beauty in the world’s sense of the word, but beauty by my definition. Here are a few things that I feel have helped me along the way.

Stop Washing Your Hair So Much

I know many a hair stylist and blogger have suggested this before me, but I’m here to say it’s true. I’m lucky in that my hair doesn’t get oily too fast, but I’m unlucky in that my hair hardly ever has any oil in it so my hair can get very dry. If your hair produces a lot of oil, I know it can feel gross to go more than a day without washing your hair. Unfortunately, though, washing it every single day is probably doing more harm than good. Why? Because washing too frequently can encourage your hair to generate more oil, because you are stripping the natural protection from the follicles, something that can leave your hair dry and lacking shine. By staggering your hair washing to at least once every two days (or longer if you can), you will find that over time you will have much healthier hair. And, we lucky to live in a time period that believes religiously in dry shampoo! Give your hair a spritz on your non-wash days, and you’ll be sure to still look your best!

Feeling Guilty About Purchasing Nice Products

About 4 years ago, I finally broke down and allowed myself to buy some nice hair and makeup products, and I will tell you…it made all the difference for my unmanageable hair. Now I’m not saying go in debt buying all the best products you’ve been told about, especially if your budget absolutely cannot afford it. I am saying, however, that saving up to purchasing some nice products every now and then is ok thing to do for yourself. There’s a book by Joyce Meyer called “Eat the cookie…Buy the Shoes”,which discusses this concept. Not over indulging, but knowing when it’s appropriate to treat yourself to something that you really enjoy. Basically, it’s all about finding balance.

On that same note, I know I’ve wasted tons of money on products I ended up not liking. So, if you’re wondering whether a products is really worth your dollar, there are some great websites that review products and specialize in beauty claims validation. I love looking at their reviews, and the scores they give products so I know I can trust the claims the brand makes on their packaging! Additionally, don’t be scared to ask for a sample first! I use to not worry with it, but now I really try to use samples first before committing to nice products.

Commit to a Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize Routine

Finally, one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself was to commit to a skincare routine each night before bed that consists of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Yes, I know. This means I’m asking you to do more than a quick scrub with a disposable wipe. While I like to use those first, I truly believe it’s so important to always try and follow up with our three-step process.

Since I first started wearing makeup, my mom was pretty adamant about doing this. However, when I went to college, I found myself doing the bare minimum face wipe every night. Then, a few years ago a friend of mine started really pushing me to start making this part of my routine again. I kind of committed for a while, but this year I decided I would fully commit and see if it really made a difference. I’ve been doing my three-step process since the beginning of January and I can honestly say, the difference in my skin is amazing! Plus, it’s made such an impact on my confidence and willingness to wear less makeup and opt for the more natural look.

I’m going to leave today’s blog at three things because I know how hard it can be to make something a habit. If you aren’t doing these things, or at least if you aren’t doing the three-step nighttime routine, I hope you’ll try it out [even just for a month] to see the difference it makes. It’s not just about trying to feel pretty, it’s about doing things you know are good for you. Because when we take care of ourselves physically, it does so much for ourselves mentally.

Praying for you today and always, friends.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

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