Introducing MyBestNewSelf Ministries: A God-Centered, Self-Improvement Movement

Over the last 6 months, I’ve been working on a new project that I’m now so proud to introduce to you! After launching my blog, I wanted to do a little more for others, than just sharing my experiences. Therefore, I’ve created #MyBestNewSelf Ministries – a platform focused on creating a community of women desiring to be their best well-rounded new self in Christ!

So today, I wanted to share with you my heart behind this ministry. My prayer is that in the future I can help you on your journey towards becoming your very best self in Christ.  Love you, friends, I’m so thankful and proud to be part of this community of believers!

The Vision of “MyBestNewSelfMinistries”

I’ve always been inspired by individuals working to be the best version of themselves. Throughout my life, I saw a common thread in the friendships I made. Every close friend was incredibly inspiring in some way or another. How they communicated. How smart they were. How hardworking they seemed to be. And the list goes on.

I couldn’t help but notice that I was drawn to these characteristics. Probably because they were areas I lacked in, and therefore admired within my friends. I wanted their advice and maybe some direction as to how to grow in those areas.

In graduate school, I went through a rough patch where I felt really down about not being as smart or organized, or on top of things, etc. as the other graduate students. I felt like I kept messing up in all areas of my life. Friends, relationships, school, you name it and I was probably slipping up. I kept falling short of my dreams and goals because I couldn’t figure out how to grow and mature in these areas of my life.

Today, I am so thankful to say that I have grown and matured. I’m definitely not perfect, but I see improvement. And most importantly, I’ve also come to realize one very important thing:

Even though I will never reach the pinnacle of my potential until I meet my Father in Heaven, I will nonetheless continuously desire [in this lifetime] to cultivate a mindset of constant personal and spiritual growth in myself and others.

Thus, my vision for #MyBestNewSelf is to help women be well-rounded, as well as become their new identity in Christ. It takes years to understand who we are, what we truly believe and why we believe it. It also takes years to feel confident in our own skin and learn to live a healthy lifestyle. Which is what I pray this community can do for each other.

MyBestNewSelf Ministries will cover all types of topics so we can grow into the women God created us to be, and be confident in who that woman is in Christ. So while we’ll cover many helpful topics, our foundation is always in the only One who matters.

On a different note!

Something else fun and exciting in the works is our new giveaway called, MyBestNewSelf Boxes! It’s a new take on giveaways!

I don’t want to sell you a box. I don’t even want to make you do anything like you would normally have to do for a giveaway. Nope! Instead, Every month I’m going to give away a box of my favorite things that help me be the best well-rounded version of myself. And I’m not going to just throw anything in there. I’m going to make sure I truly believe in the products and see how they can better your life! These boxes will include everything from books, workout programs, healthy eating tips, clothes, jewelry, skin care, prayer journals, discount coupons, etc. I’ll also include a note and prayer from me.

If you know anyone who would like to become a sponsor for the boxes, have them use the email form in the contact section of my site to get in touch with me!

All in all, I just want to give you a gift that makes you feel special and helps you grow. That’s it. There will be many more things I plan to do, but this is the first!

Follow me on Instagram to watch weekly Q & A discussions, Bible Studies, and IGTV Episodes all focus on helping you become the best version of yourself in Christ.

As the creator and visionary behind this, I just want you to know that my honest desire is to help women learn to trust God when they’re facing the storms of life, build a genuine relationship with Him daily, and find the self-confidence in the woman He created you to be.

Because being stagnant never brought happiness to anyone.

Praying for you today and always.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

4 thoughts on “Introducing MyBestNewSelf Ministries: A God-Centered, Self-Improvement Movement

  1. Chantay Lewis says:

    Love this Helen! I am so inspired and proud of you. Keep inspiring women to be their best self. Life is about being the Best Version of yourself💕

    Liked by 1 person

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