My Miss USA “Best Body” Award Winning Diet Plan!

In 2014, I received the amazing opportunity to represent Arkansas while competing on the Miss USA stage! It was an incredible experience that truly empowered me in so many ways. I didn’t walk away with the crown, [which was ultimately for the best – plus the very sweet Miss Nevada (Nia Sachez) was a perfect pick], but I did walk away with the Audience Voted “Best Body Award”.

I know there’s lots to be said about pageants, but I can honestly say that pageants bettered me in many ways. I gained the confidence to perform under pressure. I started following politics and learned how to articulate my beliefs. I learned about health, nutrition, and fitness. I learned discipline. I learned how to handle not being the best, and rather than letting it define me, I learned to allow it to grow me.

That being said, winning the swimsuit award meant a lot to me because it recognized the hard work and discipline it took to hold a full-time job, uphold all my duties as Miss Arkansas USA, as well as train for competition. I started really getting focused on training for Miss USA about a month and a half out. From the time I started to the time I left Miss USA, I lost 16 pounds (avg. 8 pounds in 2 months). My goal was to eat healthily, train hard, and never let “starving myself” be an option.

So today, I want to share my Miss USA Diet plan with you! I use to sell this diet plan, but now I want to give it to you freely! It’s a 14-day plan that I would do and then give myself a cheat day every 7th day. I recommend this plan for weight loss and toning for a period, not to live by for a lifetime. Feel free to leave comments with questions about the diet! I’ll be posting my current diet plan later this week!

Click the Link to Download My Miss USA Diet Plan: Helen Elizabeth Miss USA Diet Plan

Prayers going up for you today and always.

Love in Christ,

Helen Elizabeth

8 thoughts on “My Miss USA “Best Body” Award Winning Diet Plan!

    • Helen Elizabeth says:

      Yay!! I’m so glad you tried the diet plan and you saw results!!! That is so awesome! Praying you kept going with it and it worked well for you! Thank you for sweet message! YOU are such an amazing person as well! Thank you again, Rosie!


  1. Meaghan says:

    Hi Helen! Thanks so much for posting this diet plan ☺️. Quick question about the breakfast options- when you say “1.5 serving egg whites” or “2 servings egg whites” – how many eggs does that equal? Did you add anything additional to you eggs (that’s pretty plain!). Thanks again


    • Helen Elizabeth says:

      Hi Meaghan! Sorry I’m just now seeing your comment! I’m not exactly sure how many eggs that serving of egg whites equals, but I believe the carton of eggs whites tells you in the nutrition info section! And as far as toppings, I usually did a tad bit of salt, pepper maybe cilantro (if you like it), and sometimes spray butter (haha – not organic or the best thing for you, but sometimes I cheated with that)!


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